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Web & UX

  • codigo content editor

    Codigo Content Editor Web App

    I designed the User Interface for this browser-based digital signage creation tool. The challenge was making it usable for both professional and amateur designers.

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  • duck duck beet homepage

    Duck Duck Beet Farm & Kitchen

    I was asked to create an e-commerce website for this unique business that delivers farm fresh meals directly to your door. My favorite part of this project was creating the custom illustrations and icons.

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  • comic creator app mockups

    Comic Creator Mobile App

    I designed this app for sequential artists as part of my final project for the 10-week Springboard UX Design Course. I received a score of “Exceeding Expectations” in all categories from an independant industry expert.

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  • may fine woodworking homepage

    May Fine Woodworking

    This project started out as a website makeover but turned into a full rebranding with a new logo, photography and promotional print materials.

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  • paint it sweet homepage

    Paint It Sweet

    During this project for a mobile art studio, I designed and developed the website, illustrated custom icons to explain the business to new customers, and reworked her logo using improved typography.

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  • first light gallery homepage

    First Light Gallery

    I was asked to create a new website for an art gallery dedicated to photography. In order to best showcase the imagery, I placed full-screen images at the top of pages and used a muted color palette throughout the site. I also got to animate the First Light logo.

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