My Name Is David

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I'm a ...

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I love to create

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    Websites & Apps

    I enjoy helping people promote & operate their businesses more efficiently. At the same time I always advocate for the customer/user.

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    I create a variety of graphics for the web & print, including logos, icons, business cards & promotional materials.

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    I love adding motion to my designs using the principles of animation with After Effects or JavaScript & CSS.

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    Art & Comics

    I specialize in ink & watercolor paintings and sequential art that combines both traditional & digital techniques.

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My UX Design Process

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    Research & Inventory

    Step One is to understand my client and their customers. That means asking questions, listening and identifying needs. Once we have established goals for the project, I create an inventory of the necessary content.

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    Sketch & Ideate

    I'm a traditionalist. I sketch out my ideas using pencil or pen and paper. Sketching on paper allows me to concentrate on the structure and content of what I am creating without getting distracted by typography and color choices.

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    Test & Iterate

    Do as little as is necessary in order to validate your ideas. Snapshots of a wireframe sketch and a few post-it notes can be made into a prototype and tested. I take notes, evaluate the results and make changes as needed.

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